Aquarium Dragon Stone

Sold in 4.2kg packages. Sizes vary from 8-15cm

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Aquarium Dragon stone can provide several benefits for your fish tank:

  1. Natural Appearance: Dragon stone can add a natural and attractive look to your aquarium, creating a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing environment for your fish.
  2. Alters Water Chemistry: Dragon stone can alter the water chemistry in your aquarium, which can be beneficial for some species of fish that prefer a specific water chemistry.
  3. Provides Surface Area: Dragon stone provides a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize, which can help to maintain a healthy and stable aquarium environment.
  4. Enhances Biological Filtration: The surface area of Dragon stone can also help to increase the overall biological filtration capacity of your aquarium, allowing for better removal of waste and toxins.
  5. Creates Hiding Places: The irregular shapes of Dragon stone can provide hiding places and shelter for fish, reducing stress and improving their overall well-being.

Overall, adding Dragon stone to your fish tank can provide a natural and attractive environment for your fish, while also promoting healthy water conditions and reducing stress for your aquatic pets.


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