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Do you have an aquarium and you are anxious to leave it unattended while you are abroad? Worry less! We got you covered with our best tips for frequent travelers!

Do a water change on your aquarium!

This can help reduce nitrates and bring up the water quality before you leave the tank for a couple of weeks! This ensures the water quality in your aquarium is at its optimum state. Reducing the chances of any of your livestock dying when you come back from your trip. It will be best if your tank is cycled properly if you plan to leave for longer periods.

Check and clean your fish tank’s equipment.

Ensure your filters, heaters, and air pumps are all in working condition before leaving on a holiday. Do a thorough cleaning of your filters and pumps to prevent any clogs due to the build-up of fish waste and debris.

For planted fish tanks.

For a planted aquarium, you might want to ensure your co2 cylinders are not empty and use a timer for your lighting. Trim down your plants before going to prevent coming back to an overgrown tank! You might want to reduce the lighting and co2 outputs! This can help slow down plant growth while you are away.

Feeding (Optional)

Feeding really depends on your fish and the duration of your trip. Most fishes can go without food for 2-3 days so an automatic feeder is not necessary. For longer trips, an automatic feeder would come in handy. It’ll be recommended to underfeed and test out your feeder first.

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